Welcome the Season of Love, Hope, Courage and Harmony

It is always my hope that I can embrace each month, seasonal events, and gatherings, and do so with intention and "...not live life fast, just take it slow..." (Practicing Peace ~cwise, 2021)... today is Dec 19 ~ how am I doing? I ask myself...

the short story is... embracing each day, I am so grateful, as I continue to write songs, perform virtual and in-person venues, and cautiously look for venues that guard and preserve the safety and wellbeing of musicians and listeners as we move forward into 2023 and beyond. I found a venue in Berkeley, CA, whose desire is to provide an intimate place for music! And, indeed, Sam Rudin(founder and owner) provided just that... it was a magical evening. April Reed-Cox, who was one of 5, multi-talented musicians who contributed to my CD, joined me, and I am forever grateful. If you saw the FB Live Stream of the event(12/10/22), I know you shared in the joy! If not, the stream exists on my FB page, and I see the concert being shared by those who have seen it... thank you x 1000 for sharing...

I am grateful to Harvard Street Productions for the excellent work they did filming "Listen In" an Official Music Video. They are so talented, and a top notch company. Thank you for amazing footage, your professional knowledge, and friendship ~

I am going to breath in the reminder of the month, set new intentions for Jan 2023... I wish all of you a very wonder filled Holiday Season in whatever way you celebrate and gather ~ in gratitude, carole


ps... please take a moment to check my updated 2023 calendar; hope to see you soon!


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