Long Story Short...

…rounding the corner in April, once again I was grateful for all that was about to appear in May! I use the word appear because it took place in a blink of an eye! I was patiently waiting for call backs, and at the same time sending out feelers regarding bookings for the summer and fall. 

May 1st, I receive an email congratulating me that I was a finalist for USA Female Emerging Artist of the year AND, USA Female Best Video of the year for the International Singer Songwriter Association- ISSA. I am both excited and grateful. I then proceeded to look into… what happens next?  I am heading to Atlanta, Georgia to share an amazing milestone with 100's of music-making friends! Thank you to all who helped pave that way! 

I had several gigs threaded throughout May… I traveled to Morristown, NJ to play at the Folk Project ~ Open Stage, jammed with fellow FP members(some amazing musicians), and went again to NJ to participate in the Folk Project 50 year celebration the following weekend!  I must say how wonderful it is to be part of the Folk Project on so many levels!

I then learned I would be the Opener for touring artist, Vance Gilbert, at the Troubadour in Morristown on July 21, 2023, linked on my calendar! It will be live-streamed as well as in-person. Hope you tune in!

One gig grows a few gigs and the garden of my music-life is abloom! Heart is so full! Thank you each and every one for your love, support and respect… I feel it every day… it moves me onward!


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