January Blue Skies, Cold Temps, Warm Hearts!

Greetings friends! A brief note to share up and coming thoughts, ideas and news! 

first things first... While the 1/16/22 concert at Cadenza in Freeport was a smaller crowd(understandably so), I wish to thank those who were able to attend, fully masked and triple vaxxed, so we could open the doors.


I also want to give a shout out to all FB Live Streamers! Concert viewers get a free concert; so any TIP$ tossed into my tip jar via my @carolewise8(paypal) and @songwise(venmo) is greatly appreciated and heart-felt as I continue to find venues that practice community safety regarding science-based Covid protocols. Your presence at my performances, in-person or virtual, is heartfelt! 

Each month I continue to release my Music Lyric Videos, which include the photographs I take while out on my song walks and meditations. I would greatly appreciate 1. Sign up on my Mailing List( I am including a free download of this month's song: STILL;  2. Head over to my YouTube page where you can watch the Lyric Videos! Please "LIKE" and "Subscribe"  - it's free! 

 with gratitude,


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