March Reflection | April Nor'eastah | April 27th CD Release Party on deck!

Greetings friends! I begin with lingering sweet vibes from my March 29th performance at the Troubadour in Morristown, NJ (Folk Project- Friday)! It is always an enchanted evening of community sharing… my heart-felt thanks x 100!  I can only hope I report here the setting: full hearts, full attention and folkies whom embrace and welcome all who enter this venue… The Folk Project is the real-deal music community! So grateful to all of you who attended in-person and those across the country via Live Stream options…I truly felt your presence and support!

Please check my music calendar to see my current schedule. Always hopeful you'll find a gig date that works out and get an opportunity to meet and greet! I often plan several dates throughout the year to go listen to and support my fellow music-makers - …we get by with a little help from our friends… this we know.

April 27, I will be at Cadenza in Freeport with a CD Release Party ~ NORTH STAR was released 2/2/24 and is charting on Folk Radio. WERU here in Maine, contacted me to let me know North Star charted for 2 weeks in a row! And, nationally, the CD charted top 20 in both Artist and Song!  As to date… every song on the disc has been played on Folk Radio! "This is for you, MUM! 

My decision to return to music was a direct request from my mum before she passed on; I will honor this for as long as I am able to afford this path. I set a 3-5 year game plan in 2020.  I am grateful for the intense work and rolling-up-of-sleeves to be where I am today. The start up at the beginnings of: retirement(special education), the pandemic, a meager budget to be thoughtfully allocated, and the loss of a vehicle(8 mo), inspired me to trust my perseverance, courage, creativity and most importantly my inner core- the one that informs me truthfully, authentically, and wisely. 

(2020): The loss of 20 Home Concerts lead to gaining 65 virtual gigs, which lead to 10 live venues & 15 virtual gigs, plus an opportunity to work with Folk Promoter & Folk Management expert, Kari Estrin, who helped me navigate and understand how the music industry had and was changing daily; (2021): released my first CD: The Long Way Home, that charted in the Top 20! Also, played my first 3 NERFA Showcases, in NJ; making new musician-friendships; (2022: ) attended two songwriter's retreat/workshops ~driving 26K miles, and flying 18k miles, which replaced the 20 home concerts I had to cancel in 2020… and played The Back Room on the West Coast, which was instrumental in getting the attention of more venues, DJs, promoters: I booked over 30 venues between ‘22-’23.

In retrospect: January, I turned 66, and gifted myself a songwriter's retreat/workshop. I had put hundreds of hours in the studio(2023)in between gigs, and flights, and road trips…  and the following phrase  “…Life comes back around unexpectedly…” lies within the title cut from my newest CD: “North Star."  © 2/2/24

And, so it does… which brings me to these thoughts this morning: as a Nor'easter circles about the MidCoast, where I am today…  I look often to nature which expands and validates my knowing - it reveals resilience,  and I am grateful for these life lessons. Rest when you can, be safe always, and hope to see you soon.

with gratitude, cw




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