Summer and Fall 2023 Summaries! And.. February news! 2024

Hello friends! 2023 opened wide open for me, an unexpected surprise… although my hope is always that my music lens and opportunities open in proportion to the work I passionately love - all things music! I decided to attend a few music retreats and workshops as a way to both fill my well, and to connect and reconnect with my music families. 

As an athlete, I am grateful to be able to plan, create and sustain the work that is everything essential, however is not the performance side. I'm talking the rolling up of one's sleeves: making connections, schedules, mini-tours, self-care, contracts, studio work, all thing media platforms, radio interviews, long, long drives or flights or both… then balancing all the essentials to create, perform and share at intimate levels that allow one to be present and play honestly. I want to say thank you for being present in this amazing and challenging journey with me. It doesn't matter how you choose to support my path… I know this, I feel it, and I know it to be true. 

I drove over 26K, flew 18K, and in between being en route to and from home, I managed to get into the studio and released North Star, 2/2/24, which is currently charting in the top 10 and top 20: Artist and album of the month( Feb 2024) and still holding into March! This happens because of the supporters of folk music, the folk radio DJs (who continue to keep the music on the airwaves), and the promotors and musicians who never give up. 

One of the songs on this CD, “In My Hometown,”  was written in Moab, UT - in October, a few days after I heard that my hometown of Lewiston, Maine, experienced the horrific tragedy of gun violence- another weapon of mass destruction that has no place in our community - it is a weapon of war. And, while I listen and observe the many passing-the-buck senseless claims: “…it's mental health issue not a gun violence issue…”  it speaks loudly to such irresponsibility and lack of compassion for one another. 

Please visit my calendar, as I work extremely hard to keep it updated. You can see both past, current and future gigs, giving you an idea of where I am ") 

I hope that House Concerts increase this year. Perhaps you might be interested in hosting one!? I would be happy to help with that… contact me!  

Lastly, attending Folk Alliance International in Feb was amazing. Hard to believe that FAI was able to make 2500 musicians, DJs, Promoters, Presenter, etc… feel like a tightly woven community - wow! 

I will take all the life lessons from the road, retreats and workshops, performances and reflect often as I begin not only another trip around the sun(#67), but as I dive deeply into the wonder filled connections I make along the way…

next Maine gig: Cadenza in Freeport: My Official CD Release Party! Hope you can join me. 4/27/24(it's on the calendar)!

with gratitude, carole

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