June is really here!

My dear friend Lynn Deeves and I have known each other since college days… 1977- yup! 

Both of us pursuing music paths for over 40 years all around the country - she was a Rock-diva; I took a singer-songwriter path into multiple genres.. light rock, blues, pop, etc… recently(2018, +)we met at a coffeehouse venue and we have been reconnecting our friendship and love of music!  We have 2 Pride events this month - on the calendar, and looking at future possibilities… fun, fun, fun! I'm thinking House Concerts! Send me a note if you'd like to host one, and I'll walk you through it! 

My dear friends Tina Ross, her husband, Andy Hirsch(also amazing musicians), and I have had a few opportunities to sing and play together, and I can only imagine what the future holds… so grateful for the love and joy in my life on so many levels! I hope Tina and Andy will come to Maine and join me at Cadenza in August! Let's put that intention out into the Universe! It could happen…

Please check my calendar for monthly updates as well as my Carole Wise Music page(FB) and my YouTube channel for all my music lyric videos, concerts, and dubbing around(aka: figuring out technology during covid/lockdown)… wowza, what a ride… indeed!

All things music & with gratitude


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