June ~ Solstice ~ Many Shades of Green~ Beautiful

Greetings Friends ~ I hope all is well with you and yours. I shared the many music happenings in my June email - which was a tad lengthy, yet wanted to share how grateful I am for all that is in transition, and all that ebbs and flows~

A heart-felt thank you to all who were able to see the Musical: Surrender, Dorothy in Falmouth! Our cast and crew gave 100% in every wonder filled minute of rehearsals and performances. Michael J. Tobin's ability to weave drama, wit and humor simultaneously is his strength, as is his artistic directing role, as he brilliantly draws out each character's strength and vulnerability ~ exposed for all of us to observe and at the same time, perhaps identity our own.

What I have come to appreciate about my process as songwriter is to find those nuances, not through reading script; I had asked Michael to only send me adjectives describing each character, so as to get an authentic pulse on each character, and let each respective element unfold and reveal vulnerability and strength... writing for me is about observation and clarity through our respective life journeys, an understanding of the human condition... through awareness of others' experiences, through my practice of stepping back to reflect upon those experiences, etc...

 We are all connected ~ life themes are Universal, it is the scenarios that differ ~ and, we weave our lives designing a beautiful, yet not perfect tapestry of life. So grateful.

Here's to our human connection, to our witness to life, and our respective actions: love, compassion, sadness, anger, and joy ~ reach out in your joy and in your grief... for you are beautiful, just as you are.

with gratitude


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