It's Springtime... April News & Good - UPDATE!!! (4/9/22)

Hello friends! 

Grateful for a season of rest, for your support, and for moving forward with my music! I have been writing new songs and looking forward to sharing those and other selected tunes/covers/originals...

****** THIS MONTH- 3rd Wed 4/20/22 our 3-song zoom mini: @ 10-10:30pm(est), due to the Play Rehearsal!!!

Rehearsals begin for the Musical: "Surrender, Dorothy,"  at The Footlights Theatre in Falmouth, Maine ~ please visit the Footlights Theatre website for official info! ~

MAY 5-21 
Music and Lyrics by Carole Wise and Book by Michael J. Tobin. 
This New Folk Musical takes place in groovy 1969 when 42-year-old Dorothy Gale travels back to Oz because life has not turned out exactly like the sepia 1939 promised. The Scarecrow, the Tinman and the Cowardly Lion are back but, like Dorothy, have seen many changes on the yellow brick road of life and love. And no trip back to Oz would be complete without a spell of wickedness! The malevolent Hagatha (the fifth witch no one talked about) is determined to make Dorothy pay for what she did to her sister- and her little dog too. Perhaps there is no place like home… or is there?!

I am so excited! Hope you can join us! Road Trip!?!?!?!?

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