Merch Store Update: Solstice

A very heart-felt "Thank You" to all who have made orders! I so appreciate the connection and support. 

...on another note, and in the spirit of giving and receiving, I wish to offer ~ beginning Dec 21st (solstice) through Dec 31st(new year's eve)... A  2-fer, share the love of music stocking stuffer... given the long wait times,(delayed shipping, etc...), I continue to embrace the slow-lane pace; I know once the hustle and bustle slows... balance is restored! Cheers to sharing the "Love of Music"

When you order:  - two CDs, you will receive 1- free CD;

- four CDs = 2- free CDs, etc...

Order as usual, and I will tend to the order 'behind-the-scenes' ~ with gratitude, carole


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