Embracing the Learning Curve

Hello folks! This just in... deliver times are changing daily...(I just mailed out merch); that said, I'm not deterred!

Any item in the store, specifically items I'm offering choice of photo ~ please click the total amount of: prints, note cards(ie.. sets: 1,2,3,4), photo-on-canvas, then email me at crwise58@gmail.com the list of actual photo you'd like. I have made 4 different sets(note cards), which includes every photo - if you order four sets, you would receive every photo, three sets or less, a random variety selection; remember 3 or more sets you receive a free download of Practicing Peace... hang in there with me! In your note to me, list the big focus in the photo(ie... Orange Lilly; Red Canoe; Mtn Lake; Granite with water; Stone with Fern, Pier at Sunset, etc... you get the picture ;)

Wishing you peace today and all through the year!


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